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Delighted to Announce a Placing as a Finalist of UK Landscape Photographer of The Year 2014

Martins image ‘The Pines’ which forms the cover image of the web site has been commended by the panel of judges and will appear in both the book and the London Exhibition in the coming weeks.

The book will be available through the competition web site once published on the 10th November 2014 but also signed copies through Martin himself, please email if you are interested.

Signed copies of the print will also be available via the same means. Prices wll be dependant on size and print number so enquire for details.

This year, the exhibition will be held on the Mezzanine level of London Waterloo. It is the first event of its type to be held here. Waterloo is the busiest station in Britain and the exhibition will be more accessible to visitors than ever before.

The exhibition is free and runs from 1st December 2014 until the 31st January 2015. There will be an opening night event on Monday 1st December 2014 from 6.00 until 8.00pm which is invitation only. Follow the link below for the full list of winners.