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  • HDR effect on your pictures through Photoshop
  • Editing your pictures with a variety of effects via light, normal and heavy HDR actions
  • Editing tools that can change the mood and atmosphere of your photos

If you’re new to Photoshop actions, you might want to try its HDR effect on your photo. These actions made for Photoshop is perfect for your pictures because it allows you to bring out the natural beauty of your photo images, particularly with that HDR effect.


HDRs have four main actions you can use with your photos, namely, original, light, normal and heavy. And these actions made for Photoshop are so unique that it actually changes the atmosphere and the mood of your photo.

The Original

HDRs in Original captures the exact feel of the image when it was taken. If the weather was foggy when you took the picture, you could almost the moist lounging on your skin. What you see from the lens of your camera is what you get with your original action.

That Light Moment

This HDR effect lightens the mood of your subject. You can actually see some shadows out of those edges in your photo, generated, of course, with that light. You can see a bit of texture already with the use of this HDR Light, enhancing those images that are, in some ways, not visible with the original.

That Normal Feeling

Of all the actions made for Photoshop as far as HDR effect is concerned, this Normal HDR is the closest in terms of capturing the perfect feel when that moment was taken. Normal HDR is much like the original one, but is closer to home, with having the normal hue, mood and texture on it.

 The Heavy One

Used more for emphasis with its heavy use of light and color. But these actions made for Photoshop, these heavy doses of color, makes for a clearer image in the process, and visually stimulating, too. Often used in magazines for emphasis on specific brands or products or even accentuating certain features of a subject. Excessive use of it though will make your picture too garish at times, unless you intentionally what that kind of effect.

Nevertheless, these four actions made for Photoshop make for a more interesting way of editing photos and an even interesting output for your photos. Download these Photoshop actions now and start that HDR effect for the improvement of your photos.